Varna is the third largest city, occupying an area of 205 sq. km The situation of the city in the northern Black Sea coast and the rich natural resources make it a one of the most famous resorts in Europe and the biggest in the Black Sea region. At the same time it is crossroad of the road between the Middle East and Western Europe.


The climate and natural conditions create favorable opportunities for the development of industry, commerce, tourism and communications in the region. Varna is the ideal place for investors who wish to develop their activities in the Balkan region .

Geographical location and existing infrastructure are critical favorable development of the city for centuries. Well regulated water and cargo transport led to the appearance of the city as a crossroad of the relationship between East and West.

Three major factors determine the system infrastructure of the city: Varna port, Varna International Airport and telecommunication networks.

Port of Varna has a well established and updated General Plan, approved in February 1999, which is at the core of its investment program. Looking for investors to build three new terminals: Ro-Ro terminal, grains terminal and container terminal. A preliminary study and the possibilities for construction of these terminals. According to the updated General Plan in the Port of Varna West should be built two new terminals - terminal for liquid chemicals and cement terminal and clinker.

Varna International Airport is directly linked to the economic situation in the city and region. It serves mainly tourist companies and has scheduled and chartered flights to more than 35 countries and 101 cities. To achieve its main priority - the safety of flights and quality of services - significant investment is needed in combination with a new General Plan prepared by an internationally recognized company. In the near future is the introduction of the new SAT II for takeoff and landing aircraft in bad weather conditions, which together with the construction of new platforms and tracks for the Boeing 767 type aircraft will contribute to raising the prestige of the international airport avio market .

Besides the port, international airport and good rail and road transport links, Bulgaria has one of the best telecommunication networks. Every 1000 inhabitants are making a 472 telephone lines, which contributes to the order of our country among the leading Central and Eastern Europe. Varna currently has three digital telephone exchanges of the highest class technology companies Siemens and Ericsson. The extent of digital telecommunications network is 21.7% against a background of 7.8 percent for the rest of the country. Varna has connected two international optical ring: KAFOS - connecting Varna, Istanbul / Turkey and Mangalia / Romania and the telecommunications infrastructure connecting Bulgaria and European countries; BSFOCS - optical cable connecting Varna, Odessa / Ukraine and Novorossiysk / Russia / which will be completed by mid-2000 This project will enable the integration of telecommunications structures of the countries of the Middle East, Asia, Western Europe and America.